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In order of the government, you have to put in place some protection measures for the COVID-19. To meet that request, call our specialists or look at our catalog.

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Protective measures for COVID-19


For an enhanced customer experience, be well identified or manage traffic, signaling plays a key role. From mast inside or outside to the wall signaling nametag through the panel display, Vü communications solutions tailored for you.

The nametag

Insert your name in the track and start working. Ideal for professional offices, these interchangeable plates stick to desks and walls, simply.

The utility

Common buildings lobbies, this signage media allows great flexibility by posting on interchageable tab.

the comptenporain

With facilities to screw covers and wall spacers brushed aluminum
finish, its design follows the trends of the day.

The craftsman

Engraved and sculpted laser or digital cutting, these nameplates offer retail boundless concern.

The Strike

Pole freestanding display with a thousand and one directions. The totem is also available.

The necessary

custom hollograme symbol for daily needs.

The perpendicular

As breakpoint or identification, nothing better than to encounter traffic.

The ceiling

Suspended from the ceiling this signaling is positioned everywhere in the environment, or where it is required.

The tightrope walker

With his wire playing tense, the tightrope walker is a single display system.


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