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In order of the government, you have to put in place some protection measures for the COVID-19. To meet that request, call our specialists or look at our catalog.

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Protective measures for COVID-19

Policies and Conditions of Orders

-The quotations are valid for a period of 30 days and Vü Communications reserves the right to honor, to cancel or modify the estimate before the start of production while ensuring to obtain client approval before expenses incurred.
-mainly in stationery projects, fluctuations of +/- 10% of the ordered quantity is acceptable and it can be charged in proportion. in addition, for a package by package, a difference of +/- 5% per batch is deemed compliant. -Each into production must be accompanied by a notice of acceptance emailed to info@vousmavezvu.com or good customer order.
-A command that requires a long process of development by the lack of client side response speed can be divided and billed by step or adjusted daily prices .
-Any cancellation of order will generate administrative costs ranging from $ 55.00 up to 25% of the order value. No cancellation possible for printed materials already in production.
-Of Costs $ 65.00 / h, will be charged if we need to create the visual print or if we handle your files to make them compliant. When there is a problem with your files, we try wherever possible to get new files so to avoid charging you extra. However, when we are not able to get new files on time, our graphic designer will take charge of the corrections and computer graphics fee will be charged. These will have to be paid before delivery.
-having Communications is not responsible for spelling errors, assembly or other, finding themselves inside your files (including aspects of transparency and company, such as with illustrator). When files are prepared by our team, that responsibility ends at the time of acceptance of digital PDF. In all cases, the best option to find out if everything meets your expectations is to ask a trial following a fee.
-In The development of your visual graphics made by Vü communications, known photograph banks are used and copyright fees are paid to uphold the law. Otherwise, we use your content and it is your responsibility to verify the legitimacy of use of your equipment. All losses or expenses caused by lawsuits or claims directed to Vü Communications will be defended and honored by the customer.
-According To the texture and finish materials, varnish or protective film, the process offset or digital, the pantone or process mode, the result of the final color may vary and will be considered acceptable. It is also impossible to guarantee color consistency from one command to another.
-It Is possible that products are out of stock or discontinued, we will endeavor to provide a product . substitution or we will cancel the order
-The finishing products such as combo, can not be perfectly accurate, and we can not guarantee the end result (eg a thin outline all round white).
-The Team of production remains as faithful as possible to face vis-à-vis the delivery commitments, but it remains that these deadlines may change without notice. < br />
-When order is a delivery, we are not liable for the order status on arrival, delay or loss thereof.
< br /> - Communications Vü's liability is limited to the amount of the order and can not take into account the effects arising on the loss of income or other for customer
-The prices and promotions. may change or cancel without notice.
-The products sold may differ slightly from photos shown.

Policies and terms of payment

-The Payments accepted are cash, check or credit card via Paypal. Vü Communications reserves the right to request or not the payment before delivery / production, delivery and / or installed in a 30 days and it can change your payment term at any time, depending on the situation. Regardless of the payment term, there may be a deposit of up to 50% of the total invoice amount is required. < br />
-having Communications retains ownership of the goods and services sold until full payment.
-Of charge of $ 25.00 is charged for all payments returned or bounced.

-The late payment fee is about 2.5% monthly, and this from the date of invoice.
-The prices and promotions can change or s cancel without notice.
-If an error or omission is detected on a bill, even if it has already been paid, it will be possible to correct it and to seek redress.

Returns Policies and Conditions

-The guarantees are unique to each and are found in the description of the products
. - Communications Vü never repay an order in the case of a print, if a. command is missed by our fault, we will reprint the order to the same specifications as the original. We demand to see through against the order before granting a reprint. Several restrictions apply to credit orders.

-. Any defective merchandise still on warranty must be returned at your expense with a copy of the purchase invoice After verification, Vü Communications reserves the right to refuse the demands of the product repaired or replaced .
-In order to notify an irregularity in terms of quantity, quality or condition of the received product, you have a 48hr period following receipt of your order.

-Attention, color viewed on your screen does not guarantee the print color. Couleure the mixing process and the calibration thereof are not identical, which gives variations. So the record on your computer screen can not be used as reference and the command can not be denied on this condition.

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